Our professional production staff of designers and glass artisans enjoys every challenge and continually strives to accommodate your needs as a place of worship. McMow Art Glass has created stunning stained glass windows for churches, temples and non-traditional places of worship.

McMow is skilled at developing workable budgets that will allow you to reach your goals. In addition, we have developed specialty programs designed specifically for fundraising purposes. This program has been used by religious facilities, both large and small, across the country because it works!

In addition, McMow Art Glass offers the following...

Exceptional designs reflecting the style & mission your congregation

The ability to work
with committees of all sizes,
guiding them through
the decision-making process.

National recognition
as a reliable & dependable

Materials & techniques
of superior quality

A developed program using
stained glass windows as
a fundraising opportunity
for building funds.

Restoration and
historic preservation.

Please see our Exceptional List of Religious References